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Did you know that Page, Arizona rests on top of Manson Mesa? A beautiful trail runs 10 miles around the rim of this Mesa, offering amazing views of the region. The Page Rim Trail (PRT) is good for walking, hiking, running, and mountain biking. Challenge yourself to spend more time exercising on this great trail!
If you are not close to the PRT, then you can participate by tracking your miles on the roads or trails near you. If you miss a day, don't stress! Just do some extra miles the next day or on the weekend.

May 21st-- July 31st, 2021

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Get moving today and keep track of your miles!
Track the miles that you walk, run or bike on the PRT and other trails/roads near you.

There's fantastic extra health benefits from exercising outdoors!

>Sunshine in healthy doses is needed for the body to make Vitamin D which is crucial for immune system function and bone development
>Sun light also activates mood boosting hormones and promotes better sleep
>Being outdoors reduces stress levels and takes your mind off the workout and leads to exercising longer and feeling more energized
>Natural terrain gives a more varied workout and helps to prevent overuse injuries that may result from exercise machines
>Study participants report greater enjoyment and satisfaction after outdoor exercise
>Exercise and being outdoors in fresh air both boost the immune system

Participation in outdoor activities is voluntary and done at your own risk.


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To sign-up for the challenge, call or visit Page Public Library for a chance to earn incentive prizes. Log your miles on the PRT with our provided log sheet, available for download down below.

>Earn a prize for logging at least 60 miles during the challenge.
>For every 10 miles over 60 miles, you will also earn a raffle ticket to enter bonus raffle drawings for other great prizes.
>Example: Log 100 miles, and you'll get 4 tickets to enter raffle drawings of your choice. If you get 150 miles, you'll get 9 tickets, etc.
>You can earn up to 14 tickets total, which would be 200 miles.

Bring your miles log to the Outdoor Challenge BBQ prize party on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021 at the
Page Sports Complex Annex Park between 6pm and 8pm to get your prizes.

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