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Links to outdoor resources

Have you heard of the 1000 hours outside challenge? This is a great opportunity to track your outside time and try to spend 1000 hours outside in the next year. That sounds like a lot of time but it comes out to be a little less than 3 hours each day. Some people may think that 3 hours outside each day sounds like a lot of time too. Considering that most Americans are spending 7 or more hours each day on digital devices, such as computers, tablets, TVs, and phones, then 3 hours outside does not seem so much. So take a break from screens and go spend some time outside. Visit the website for the challenge to get some great information and ideas for what to do outside.

Another source for helpful outdoor information is the Children and Nature Network. On their website, they explain, "We believe that the well-being of children and the wild places we love are inextricably linked. And while research tells us that regular time outdoors is essential for children’s healthy development, today’s kids are less connected to nature than ever before."

Their website has a research library where you can search a database to find scientific studies that have been done to verify the many mental and physical health benefits of spending time in nature. The library link is:

They have a resources page with information broken out into categories for families, schools, youth, cities, health and wellbeing and others to help get you to the information you are looking for faster. Here is the link for the resources page:

Once you start to learn all of the proven benefits of spending time in nature, you will want to make more time for the outdoors in your life and in the lives of those you love.

Now, turn off your digital device and go outside!

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