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Page Adventure Guidebook

Local Outdoor Adventures

Have you ever had an actual adventure indoors?

Probably not.

It is time to create some memories of outdoor experiences that will last a lifetime! There are so many free or inexpensive local outdoor adventures to be found in the Page and Lake Powell area.

Take some time to lead your own adventures, challenge yourself to try something new, and expand your abilities and boundaries.

Explore the beautiful local landscape and outdoor recreation spots and get to know the incredible region that surrounds you everyday. Go on your own, bring a friend or family member or invite a small group.

Open the file below on a mobile device to get some suggestions and reminders about some great local outdoor places to go enjoy.

Mobile Guidebook
Download PDF • 33.07MB

If you want to print the guidebook from a computer as a booklet, you can use the file below. Just remember to select the "print on both sides of paper" option.

Page Guidebook
Download PDF • 16.81MB

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