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Wild Canyon Discovery programs draw on a broad spectrum of teachings, ranging from native skills to the natural sciences. Our programs offer adventure and fun, outdoor survival skills and crafts, awareness games, as well as story and song~ facilitated by multi-generational mentors.
They foster individual and group awareness.



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Wild Canyon Discovery's program leaders have all had background 

checks before being approved to volunteer as camp leaders.

We have General Liability insurance for our programs, Director and

Officer insurance coverage for our Board of Directors and

Organization Officers and accident insurance for our volunteers.

Our activity leaders are Wilderness First Responders with

years of outdoor recreation and outdoor activity experience.

We are able to offer these transformative outdoor experiences at affordable 

prices because of the generous contributions of our business and individual sponsors and most recently because of a $4000 grant from the Swantz Family Foundation.

We are also looking for more volunteers willing to share their time and

outdoor knowledge with the next generation of youth.

Each volunteer needs to be willing to complete a free background

check done through


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Outdoor Adventure Club at Page High School

Wild Canyon Discovery partnered with Page High School during the

2021-2022 to have outdoor activities and outings with the high school club members.

Some of the goals of the Outdoor Adventure Club were to provide opportunities, during the school year for Page High School students to experience and enjoy the environment around them and to help promote outdoor etiquette and

stewardship of natural resources. 

We really appreciate the time and work put in by the club co-sponsors,

Anne Cambridge and Benjamin Dalton!

The club members went hiking on the Page Rim Trail, played pickleball, disk golf,

and kayaked and paddle boarded at Lake Powell in October and in March.

The club members went with Dixie's Lower Antelope

Canyon Tours in January at no charge.

In April, club members went on a paddle adventure on

the Colorado River in Glen Canyon. We received a free backhaul ten miles up

river to Petroglyph Beach from Wilderness River Adventures,

Horseshoe Bend Rafting and floated on kayaks and paddle boards back

down river, through Horseshoe Bend, to Lee's Ferry.

The last adventure of the school year was going to the 

great climbing facility in Page, AZ called Canyon Walls.

The students got to climb, wear climbing harnesses, practice their new

climbing skills and they learned to belay for each other.

Wild Canyon Adventure Club meets weekly in Big Water, UT

This program is for kids ages 7-14. Weekly club adventures, from 

October to May, vary and include cooperative games, treasure hunts, obstacle courses, basic survival skills training, map making and reading, trash pickup, nature awareness and appreciation activities, outdoor ethics, and much more.

This program gives kids an opportunity to get outside and activate their bodies     and senses through exciting, real adventures! They’ll be free to run, jump, and engage in guided play in the local wild canyons. This club can help them become more comfortable and confident outdoors, helping lay a strong foundation of   respect for the earth and all other life, while developing a connection

 the local environment and community.

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